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Do you have a plumbing emergency that needs to be dealt with right now? The House Doctor is a 24-hour emergency plumber based in the Montgomery County, PA area. If you are in need of emergency plumbing and drain services due to flooding, we are on-call to promptly clean up the water and stop the leak at its source. Broken water heaters, major toilet clogs, frozen pipes, and sewer backups can all result in a water emergency that needs immediate attention. We are also on-call for gas leak emergencies.

If you smell gas in your home, evacuate immediately and give us a call.

We will notify your utility company and rush to your location to ensure that the problem is effectively solved. When you experience serious plumbing issues, there’s no need to wait around. Call or text (267) 322-9918 in order to receive an immediate emergency plumber cost quote.

The House Doctor Plumbing

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When do you need a 24-hour emergency plumber? Nobody likes to wait when their home’s plumbing systems aren’t working properly, especially if the problem is causing damage to the home. These are some of the things that we believe to be plumbing emergencies:

Plumbing Leaks: Leaks often go unnoticed for long periods of time. If you one day find yourself standing in a puddle of water or gawking at an outrageous water bill, you’ll understand why even a small leak is an emergency. Our emergency plumbers have the skills and experience to locate the source of your leak and stop it. Then, we’ll clean up the water and repair the damages, delivering you a permanent solution.

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Major Drain Clogs: A clogged toilet or kitchen sink can put a halt on your daily life activities. They can also lead to backups as well as flooding. If you have recurring clogs or multiple clogged drains in the home, it may be an indicator of a larger issue with your main drainage system. Our emergency plumbing and drain services aim to identify the root of the problem and create a personalized solution that gets you long-lasting results.

Frozen Pipes: When pipes freeze, they are liable to burst. This often causes extensive and costly water damage to the home. If you have a frozen pipe, shut off the water supply to that area of your home. You may also shut off your entire home’s water supply if that is the only option. Then, call us immediately and we’ll be there as quickly as possible.

Yard Leaks: If you are noticing wet spots and/or foul smells in your yard, this is a strong indication that either your main water line or sewer line has sprung a leak. Don’t wait for this problem to get worse; call the 24-hour emergency plumbers at The House Doctor.

Gas Leaks: A gas leak is a major fire hazard. Are you smelling gas in your home? Evacuate and call us immediately. You may also notice a gas leak from a hissing sound coming from your gas line.

Broken Water Heaters: While having to take a cold shower doesn’t necessarily constitute an emergency, it is an issue that you want to deal with as soon as you can. We offer emergency plumbing services for broken water heaters so that you don’t have to wait for hot water.

The House Doctor is a 24-hour emergency plumber, serving the Montgomery County, PA area with high-quality work at a fair price. We work tirelessly to offer our customers support and assistance however possible.


The House Doctor Plumbing

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The cost of your emergency plumbing and drain services will depend on various factors. We take into account the nature of your emergency, the extent of property damages, and the necessary repairs. Serious water damage may be good cause to get your insurance company involved as well. We offer free emergency plumber cost estimates at all times. No matter when your emergency occurs, call or text (267) 322-9918 to get an immediate response from The House Doctor. We respond to plumbing emergencies in Montgomery County, PA, and the surrounding areas.

The House Doctor Plumbing

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Clogged drains, burst pipes, and broken water heaters are no match for The House Doctor! We are Montgomery County, PA’s most reliable 24-hour emergency plumbers because we respond to emergencies quickly and effectively. Call us in order to receive your emergency plumber cost estimate today.

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